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figure posing suit, posing suit

 Our Mission is to provide custom made competition suits of exceptional quality and design at reasonable prices.


Fit Wear Designs is owned and operated by Jodie Bruce, a veteran NPC Middleweight bodybuilder now WPD and previous figure competitor based in Dallas, Texas.


Let me first congratulate you. Whether you are a veteran competitor or a first-timer, just the fact that you are looking at this site tells me you are serious about competing. It is no doubt a labor of love. The dieting, training, and discipline required are hard, but so worth it. Good luck in achieving your goals!


As a competitor I know the tremendous cost involved in preparing for competition. The food, supplements, entry fees, travel, hotel, and of course the outrageous prices of some of the competition suits out there all add up and can be overwhelming. My goal is to make custom made suits of the highest quality at an affordable price so that more people compete and I can see the sport that I love grow.



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